615008150121 Board Edge Through Hole Mid Mount RJ45 Modular Jack

  • Number of Ports: 1X1
  • Speed: RJ45 Without Magnetics
  • Application-Lan : NoN PoE
  • Latch: UP
  • LED: With LED
  • Orientation : 90°Angle (Right)
  • Compatible Brand : Wurth
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole
  • Shielding: Unshielded
  • Temperature: ﹣40 TO ﹢85
  • Product Length (mm): 15.45
  • Product Height (mm): 11.00 / 8.15
  • Product Width (mm): 15.80

  • Part Number:615008150121
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    615008150121 Board Edge Through Hole Mid Mount RJ45 Modular Jack


    Categories  Connectors, Interconnects
     Modular Connectors - Jacks
    Application-LAN  ETHERNET(NoN POE)
    Connector Type  RJ45
    Number of Positions/Contacts  8p8c
    Number of Ports  1×1
    Applications Speed  Without Magnetics
    Mounting Type  Through Hole
    Orientation  90° Angle (Right)
    Termination  Solder
    Height Above Board  11.00 / 8.15 mm
    LED Color  With LED
    Shielding  Unshielded
    Features  Board Guide
    Tab Direction  UP
    Contact Material  Phosphor Bronze
    Packaging  Tray
    Operating Temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
    Contact Material Plating Thickness  Gold 6.00µin/15.00µin/30.00µin/50.00µin
    Shield Material  Brass
    Housing Material  Thermoplastic
    RoHS Compliant  YES-RoHS-5 WIth Lead in Solder Exemption


    RJ is a generic name that refers to a modular plug or socket standardized by IEC (60) 603-7, and uses 8 positions (8 pins) defined by the international connector standard. IEC (60) 603-7 is also the reference standard for connection hardware in the ISO/IEC 11801 international general wiring standard.
    Ethernet has an interface using RJ, as well as a home router and a computer broadband interface, which is RJ. Unlike RJ11, RJ11 is equivalent to a telephone line, connected to a modem, and the modem dials on the telephone line.
    RJ is a connector for information sockets. The communication terminal is in the wiring system. The connector consists of a plug (connector, crystal head) and a socket (module). RJ is the abbreviation of registered Jack, which means “registered socket”.



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