G4P209N LF 1000BASE-T Quad Port 72PIN In-line Magnetic Control Module

  • Number of Ports: Quad Port
  • Speed: 1000 Base-T
  • Application-Lan : NoN PoE
  • Compatible Brand : BOTHHAND
  • Mounting Type: DIP
  • Temperature: ﹣40 TO ﹢85
  • Pin Quantity: 72

  • Part Number:G4P209 LF
    G4P209N LF
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    The RJ connector manufacturing process can be divided into four stages: 1 stamping 2 electroplating 3 injection molding 4 assembly


    The final stage of electronic connector manufacturing is finished product assembly. There are two ways to connect the electroplated pins with the injection box seat: individual mating or combined mating. Separate mating means inserting one pin at a time; combined mating means connecting multiple pins to the box seat at the same time. No matter which connection method is adopted, the manufacturer requires that all the pins be checked for missing and correct positioning during the assembly stage; another type of conventional inspection task is related to the measurement of the distance between the mating surfaces of the connector.

    Now with the widespread development of e-commerce, more and more electronic manufacturers have begun to carry out various network-related components, adapters, adapters, cables, or various parts and components. Or network software. Among them, RJ cables and adapters are one of the most frequently used and cheapest products among many network-related components.

    G4P209N LF 1000BASE-T Quad Port 72PIN In-line Magnetic Control Module


    Categories  Transformers
     Network Transforme
    Transformer Type  ETHERNET(NoN POE)
    PIN Contacts  72
    Number of Ports  Quad Port
    Mounting Type  DIP
    Turns Ratio - Primary:Secondary  1CT:1CT
    Packaging  Tube
    Operating Temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
    Construction  OPEN FRAME
    RoHS Compliant  YES-RoHS-5 WIth Lead in Solder Exemption

    In recent years, fiber optic connectors, USB2.0 high-speed connectors, RJ connectors, and micro-distance connectors have been increasingly used in various portable/wireless electronic devices, and even higher-speed USB3.0 has now appeared on the market. Therefore, the popular use of connectors in the market is also changing accordingly.
    For example, global enterprises and shopping malls are becoming more and more electronic, and the Chinese government has invested in many areas such as triple play, smart grids, cars, and rail transit under the financial crisis. It can be seen that the shopping malls’ High-speed interconnection and current withstand requirements are getting higher and higher; from the perspective of consumer electronics, the use of similar Internet TVs is hot, and they involve the use of many antennas. TV system manufacturers need to install antennas within a small distance. Therefore, connector miniaturization and energy saving must be an important trend in the home appliance industry; the complex body control, long-distance communication and other functions in the car electronic system also contribute to the miniaturization, intelligence, environmental protection and high reliability of the connector. Put forward a challenge. While creating their own characteristics, domestic and foreign mainstream connector manufacturers are also leading or following the needs of the market in terms of product launch and use.



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