H7008NL 24pin SMD 10G LAN Transformer Network Filter Modules

  • Number of Ports: Single Port
  • Speed: 10G
  • Application-Lan : NoN PoE
  • Compatible Brand : Pulse
  • Mounting Type: SMD
  • Temperature: ﹣40 TO ﹢85
  • Pin Quantity: 24

  • Part Number:H7008FNLT
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    H7008NL 24pin SMD 10G LAN Transformer Network Filter Modules


    Categories  Transformers
     Network Transforme
    Transformer Type  ETHERNET(NoN POE)
    PIN Contacts  24
    Number of Ports  Single Port
    Mounting Type  Surface Mount
    Turns Ratio - Primary:Secondary  1CT:1CT
    Packaging  SMD
    Operating Temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
    Construction  OPEN FRAME
    RoHS Compliant  YES-RoHS-5 WIth Lead in Solder Exemption

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