A LAN transformer, also known as a Local Area Network (LAN) transformer, is a network connection device used to connect devices. Connect a port of the network switch to a local area network (LAN) through a switch, and connect multiple Internet or other computers and servers in the LAN to the same LAN device. It has the following characteristics:
1. There is no need for any physical or logical physical isolation between the network switch and other access terminals, so its electrical performance and system performance are better than ordinary computers, and it can easily exchange network information seamlessly with other devices;
2. Since there are one or more ports in the LAN for connecting computers and other terminals, they can also be conveniently configured to meet the connection requirements between different devices;
3. Since the ports of the network switch and the terminal can be configured separately, the network switching function can also be realized conveniently.

The working principle of LAN transformer:
The LAN transformer is mainly used for the protection of the network switch. When the network equipment fails, the switch cannot work normally. The automatic protection function of the LAN transformer can solve the problem quickly and effectively. The main function:
1. Set port isolation or port protection on the switch to make the switch operate normally.
2. When the switch fails, the automatic protection circuit of the local area network transformer will detect the failure and resume the network operation.
3. Set different firewall rules according to network parameters to isolate or protect ports.

The purpose of the LAN transformer:
It is mainly used for the power supply of network transmission equipment. The purpose of the LAN transformer, in addition to providing power for some network transmission equipment such as routers, switches, etc., can also be used to supply power to some communication equipment (such as wireless AP, etc.) to other equipment that needs power supply. A LAN transformer is a device that converts the voltage of some devices that need power supply (such as routers, switches, etc.). The local area network transformer generally converts AC power into DC power, and converts 220V AC power into a DC power output of about 48V, so that the supplied equipment can work normally. For various communication devices used on the LAN, such as wireless APs, routers, switches, etc., also need 24V or 48V power supply for their power supply. For some communication equipment that needs 24V power supply and 12v or 9v power supply, the LAN transformer can solve this problem. When using switches, routers, etc. on such communication terminals, the 10~20V voltage can be converted to 48~60V voltage, so that the supplied end can work normally; it is even simpler for the use of wireless APs, just need to turn the power supply Just change it to 12V-2A.

Post time: Dec-10-2022