Network transformers are also called network isolation transformers, Ethernet transformers, and network filters. Product categories are further divided into single-port, dual-port, multi-port, 10/100BASE, 1000BASE-TX, 10000BASE-TX and RJ45 interface integrated network isolation transformer. Mainly used for: RJ45 network card, Ethernet switch, network router, ADSL, VDSL data equipment, EOC terminal, EPON/GPON triple network integrated equipment, network set-top box, smart TV, network camera, SDH/ATMSDH/ATM, PC motherboard, computer Peripherals, industrial motherboards, network servers, telecommunications communication base station smallcell and other equipment. Mainly used for: high-performance digital switches; SDH/ATM transmission equipment; ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, POE integrated service data equipment; FILT optical fiber loop equipment; Ethernet switches, etc. Pumps are also known as network transformers or network isolation transformers. Its efficacy on the network card has two keys. One is to transmit data. It puts it on the network card. The differential signal sent by the PHY is coupled and filtered by the differential mode coupled coil to enhance the signal, and is coupled to different electrical fields according to the conversion of the magnetic field. Connect the other end of the network cable flat; one is to protect the different levels between different network devices connected by the network cable, so as to avoid damage to the device according to the transmission of different voltages by the network cable. In addition, the data pump can also play a certain lightning protection effect on the equipment.

Post time: Jul-20-2022