Connectors are divided into BTB connectors, FPC connectors, FFC connectors, RF connectors, etc. BTB connectors, FPC connectors installed, must pass the test. The spring-loaded microneedle module connects smoothly and has a reliable solution for transmitting current and data signals. This is a very compatible test connection module. BTB connector is currently the connector product with the strongest transmission capacity among all connector product categories. It is mainly used in power supply system, network communication, financial manufacturing, home elevator, industrial automation, medical equipment, office supplies, household appliances, military manufacturing, etc. field. FPC (flexible printed circuit board translated into Chinese is: flexible printed circuit board, which is simply made of flexible materials (stretchable and flexible raw materials). PCB) connectors are used for LCD to connect from the display screen to the drive circuit (PCB) ). The key is the 0.5mmpitch commodity. The FFC connector is a flexible flat cable connector. It is a new type of data cable that uses new PET insulation technology and extremely thin tinned flat copper wires and is pressed through the production line of automated technical equipment. Small size, simple connection, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy to solve the electromagnetic shielding (EMI). The name of the RF coaxial connector consists of two parts: the main name and the structure number, separated by a dash “-”. Main Title The main title of the RF connector is the internationally recognized main title. The names of the different structural forms of the actual product are proposed by specific standards, and the structural form refers to the structure of the RF connector.

Post time: Jul-16-2022