SI-70008-F RJ45 Integrated USBB Computer connector RJ45+USBB Modular Jack

  • Number of Ports: RJ45+USB
  • Speed: 100 Base-T
  • Application-Lan : NoN PoE
  • Latch: UP
  • LED: With LED
  • Orientation : 90°Angle (Right)
  • Compatible Brand : Stewart
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole
  • Shielding: Shielded
  • Temperature: ﹣40 TO ﹢85
  • Product Length (mm): 27.68
  • Product Height (mm): 31.45
  • Product Width (mm): 19.08

  • Part Number:SI-70008-F
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    SI-70008-F RJ45 Integrated USBB Computer connector RJ45+USBB Modular Jack

    RJ45 With USBB Connector

    Categories  Connectors, Interconnects
     Modular Connectors - Jacks With Magnetics
    Application-LAN  ETHERNET(NoN POE)
    Connector Type  RJ45+USBB
    Number of Positions/Contacts  8p8c
    Number of Ports  2×1
    Applications Speed  100 Base-T, AutoMDIX
    Mounting Type  Through Hole
    Orientation  90° Angle (Right)
    Termination  Solder
    Height Above Board  31.45 mm
    LED Color  With LED
    Shielding  Shielded
    Features  Board Guide
    Tab Direction  UP
    Contact Material  Phosphor Bronze
    Packaging  Tray
    Operating Temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
    Contact Material Plating Thickness  Gold 6.00µin/15.00µin/30.00µin/50.00µin
    Shield Material  Brass
    Housing Material  Thermoplastic
    RoHS Compliant  YES-RoHS-5 WIth Lead in Solder Exemption


    The built-in dust cover series socket has a spring-loaded built-in dust cover. When the jumper plug is pierced and pulled out, the dust cover can automatically retract and pop out. In addition, its spring-supported “door” ensures that the jumper plug will only pierce partly, which will affect the stable data transmission. Traditional sockets with dust cover usually require the use of two hands to open the dust cover and pierce the jumper, while the built-in dust cover socket of the Molex enterprise wiring network device uses one hand to pierce the jumper, which is easy to use More concise. In addition, each time when connecting/disconnecting, the “door” will wipe the pins, which can prevent dust and impurities from entering the connector, so that the socket can obtain great protection and ensure a reliable credit transmission capacity. Molex’s socket with built-in dust cover is compact (height 21mm×width 21mm×thickness 26mm), and high density is completed on each workstation. A standard-sized rectangular wall panel can accommodate 6 more sockets; a standard-sized square wall panel equipped with a dust cover can accommodate 4 more sockets. Its density is equivalent to twice that of traditional sockets.
    In order to facilitate the user to plug and unplug the device, it can be operated at a 45° angle. In order to achieve this goal, a 45° beveled panel is added to the standard module. It is also possible to directly plan the module device end to a 45° bevel.


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