H1234NL/HX1234NL 40 Pin SMD 4 Port 10/100 Base-TX LAN Transformer Modules

  • Number of Ports: Quad Port
  • Speed: 100 Base-T
  • Application-Lan : NoN PoE
  • Compatible Brand : Pulse
  • Mounting Type: SMD
  • Temperature: ﹣40 TO ﹢85
  • Pin Quantity: 40

  • Part Number:H1234NL
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    If the impact of the additional voltage is not large, then the withstand voltage target of the electric RJ network connector (aviation plug), that is, the anti-electric strength target, is one of the essential elements that need to be considered. Because the same resistance If the operating environment and safety requirements are different, the maximum operating voltage is also different. Therefore, even if a reasonable additional voltage is selected according to the operating environment and safety level, it is necessary to consider the withstand voltage target to determine the additional voltage. The highest value.

    In addition to thinking about the additional voltage, the additional current must also be considered. Normally, if it is lower than the additional current, the RJ connector can also be used normally. However, in the planning process, in order to satisfy the additional current request, use the RJ network connection The thermal planning of the device is passed, because when the current flows through the touch pair, there will be conductor resistance and touch resistance. The touch pair will generate heat. When the heat generated by the touch pair exceeds a certain limit, it will damage its insulation and form the surface of the touch pair. The softening of the coating causes problems. In order to reduce such problems, additional current demand constraints, so that the internal temperature rise will not exceed the planned value. Therefore, when selecting the electrical connector, in order to ensure its reliability, additional current It requires more consideration than extra voltage. Don't, if you choose a multi-core RJ network connector, you also need to choose a derating method for the extra current.

    H1234NL/HX1234NL 40 Pin SMD 4 Port 10/100 Base-TX LAN Transformer Modules


    Categories  Transformers
     Network Transforme
    Transformer Type  ETHERNET(NoN POE)
    PIN Contacts  40
    Number of Ports  Single Port
    Mounting Type  Surface Mount
    Turns Ratio - Primary:Secondary  1CT:1CT
    Packaging  SMD
    Operating Temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
    Construction  OPEN FRAME
    RoHS Compliant  YES-RoHS-5 WIth Lead in Solder Exemption

    RJ sockets are usually used for computer network data transmission. There are two types of connectors: straight line (12345678 corresponds to 12345678) and crossover cable (12345678 corresponds to 36145278). RJ heads have two different methods according to the order of the lines, one is orange white, orange, green white, blue, blue white, green, brown white, and brown; the other is green white, green, orange white, blue, Blue-white, orange, brown-white, and brown; therefore, there are two types of lines that use RJ connectors: straight-through line and cross-plug line. The RJ interface is usually used for data transmission and is made of eight cores. The most common application is the network card interface.



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